Why Car Steering Wheel Sizes Differ?

The steering wheel is a vital component in any car as it dictates the vehicle's movement. There are many different styles, types, and sizes of steering wheels that serve various purposes.

Car Steering Type

1. Tilt Steering Wheels

Tilt steering wheels are steering wheel designs that allow the driver to change the steering wheel's position by moving it up and down.

2. Telescope Steering Wheels

Telescope steering wheels or the telescopic steering wheel is a steering wheel model whose height can be adjusted. You can change the steering wheel to an unlimited number of positions within about 3 inches.

3. Adjustable Steering Wheels

Adjustable steering wheels can be adjusted to make it easier for you to adjust the steering wheel's height. Still, the adjustment method is different from telescopic steering wheels. Changes that can be made are not too striking when compared to tilt steering.

4. Swing-Away Steering Wheels

Swing-away steering wheels is an interesting in-car device because it makes getting in and out of the car easier. This car steering wheel allows the steering wheel to move 9 inches to the right when parking the vehicle.

5. Recirculating Ball Steering Wheels

Recirculating ball steering wheels allow you to turn the car's wheels. The pitman's arm is an essential part of this steering wheel system because it can connect the steering wheel with a link in the middle and a tie rod on the pitman's axle.

6. Rack-and-Pinion Steering Wheels

Rack and pinion steering wheels allow the gears to rotate when you turn the steering wheel. This will help move the rack so that it can move the wheels of the car.

What Makes Car Steering Wheel Size Different

The diameter of a steering wheel for regular use is usually between 14 to 15 inches. However, the steering wheel for racing cars typically has a smaller diameter, about 12.6 to 13.8 inches. This size is ideal for fast movements and competitions .

The size of the steering wheel in a car is generally bigger if the car itself is heavier. This is to make sure that The driver does not feel any strain while using it and can drive comfortably for long durations.

Power steering has changed the game by making it so the weight of the car doesn't matter as much. This is because power steering can lighten the load on the steering wheel, making it easier for drivers to operate. Additionally, turning the power steering wheel does not require a lot of extra effort.

Even though carmakers don't base the size of a car's steering wheel on its diameter, several other factors do come into play when they're designing one.