What reverse light bulb do i need

Each car has its own lights. Headlights, fog lights, brake lights, indicator lights, side-lights and interior lights are just a few examples. There are also different types of bulbs for each type of light in the car. 

You can find out what type of bulb you need by looking at your car's handbook or by using something called PowerBulbs to find the right bulb for your car.

Many automakers are now putting LED light bulbs in their cars as standard equipment. This is because LED lights are the future of automotive lighting. They last longer and use less energy than other types of light bulbs. So if you want to replace your factory halogen lamp with an LED one, you need to know the right size. 

Different cars have different lights, so you need different bulbs for each one. There are driving lights, fog lights, brake lights, turn signal lights, reverse lights, marker lights and interior lights - just to name a few! 

Along with all of the different bulbs, there are also different fittings, depending on your vehicle year, make and model. The following guide will help you get the right bulb size through different methods.

Check Your Vehicle's Assembly, OEM Or Aftermarket

The aftermarket assembly might have a different color background or smoke tinted lenses, or it could refer to advanced lighting elements like halo, projector or colored LED light strips. 

If you find your assembly contains one of these features, it is the aftermarket housing. You need to find out its manual or website how to put in the right size bulb.

Use Lasfit Bulb Finder

On https://reverselightbulb.com/, for your factory vehicle with no choice in lights, you can find the right light bulb by using the bulb finder. If your car came with a light style (halogen, HID or LED) you will need to choose which light type that you want. But if the car has factory LEDs and they don't change to other LEDs, please stay with these lights.

Referring To Vehicle Owner’s Manual

You can find out what kind of lightbulbs your car needs by contacting the manufacturer, or looking in your car's owner's manual. The manual will list all the types of lightbulbs that your car needs. You can also find manuals for cars online.

  • Find out your vehicle's owners manual. You can use the internet or find it at a library.
  • Look for the "bulb replacement" item in the catalog and find the page number.
  • Check your lightbulb

Referring To Previous Bulbs

If you want to take a look at the bulb, then you need to take out the light. You will see a letter and number on the bulb, like "H11."