What are high beam headlights

In the right circumstances, main beam headlights can make driving safer for everyone on the road. But when used incorrectly, they can be a major safety hazard. Knowing how and when to use your main beams is very important for every driver.

What Are Main Beams?

You can use main beam headlights to make your headlights brighter. They're sometimes called high beam headlights, and your standard headlights are called dipped beam or low beam. Most vehicles have a main beam that you control using the left stalk. This stalk also controls the indicators.

In some cars, there are two different kinds of headlights. The main beam headlights are really bright and can help you see a lot of the road. They're useful in some situations. Low beam headlights are also in some cars. They aren't as bright as the main beam headlights, but they can still help you see where you're going.

When To Use Your Main Beam

When driving at night, you should use your high beams. In the city, there are streetlights and it is not so dark. But on country roads, if there are no streetlights, then it can be difficult to see far enough ahead to avoid things like animals or people.

You should also use your high beams if you have an empty road and don't think another car will come towards you or overtake you. Make sure that when someone does come towards you or overtake you that the turn off your high beam lights because they can hurt their eyes.

When Not To Use Your Main Beam

Although main beams can help drivers on the open road at night, there are some instances where it is not safe to use them. Any time you're around other cars, it's generally a bad idea to turn them on. Main beams are so much brighter than low beams and could blind other drivers. When passing or driving behind another driver, always turn off your main beam because it could blind others.

Low beam headlights point to the ground which is good because they let you see the road better. But they can also be a problem because they might shine in people's eyes. High beams, on the other hand, point ahead so you can see farther but when people are driving with their high beams on, it might make them blind and cause accidents.

It's not a good idea to use your main beam headlights when it's snowy, rainy, or foggy outside. The light from your headlights reflects off the moisture in the air and makes it harder to see. Even low beams can be dangerous in the fog - that's why your vehicle has fog lights.

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