Top 7 Best Window Tint Brands 2021

If you are looking for a way to make your vehicle’s window appear more attractive while offering extra protection from UV rays, installing tinting films is the way. 

Installing tinting film on your vehicle’s windows will increase your privacy as well as the durability so windows won’t wear prematurely. In case of an accident, the films can also hold the shattered glass in place.

You can easily remove the films when needed, so there is no need to worry. The selection of a suitable film will take patience because there are many brands out there. These are some of the most popular brands in 2021.

Moto Shield Pro

Moto Shield Pro is a huge name in this industry that delivers quality tint materials. Its pre-cut kits offer darker shades from 5%-70%. You can choose tints for all car windows, and if you want to replace the tint on a single piece, the brand also has options for DIY jobs.

The films are 20-40 inches wide and will cost you somewhere between $28 and $185.


Lexen is another top name in this market because they provide some of the best pre-cut tints for specific vehicles models. If you want a tint from Lexen, you will have to tell them your vehicle’s brand, model, and year, so you get the best hue.

There are options of different dark shades from 5%-50%. These tints are scratch-resistant and can easily block up to 99% of UV rays. An estimated price of these tints is between $12 and $86.

MK Brother

This is a brand for people looking for quality tints at an affordable price. There are some pre-cut options, but primarily the brand offers uncut films, which you will have to cut into required shapes.

Most products have a 5-year warranty. These tints are durable, scratch-resistant, and offer up to 99% protection from UV. You can get them in a range between $10-$110.

True Black Box Tint

This brand offers 100 plus pre-cut tints for numerous models. Ultimacool, Ultimacool Duo, and Alpine are three of its most popular products. Ultimacool is an affordable choice, Ultimacool Duo lies in the middle, whereas Alpine is the high-end product.

The products are durable and heat resistant. The estimated price for these films is between $20 and $80.


LLumar is a top contender in this industry. Its products are expensive but provide quality and offer good value for money. Their ceramic tint can increase durability by a significant margin and the ATC-metal-free dyed tint. You can buy the tints for $189 to $499.

Huper Optik

This German brand offers products for marine, residential use, security, and many other applications. Huper Optik claims that their products protect you from UV rays up to 99% and from infrared rays to 98%. The products are pretty expensive, and you can buy them somewhere between $500 and $600.


3M is a top-tier brand in this market and is famous for its certified installers and ceramic tint series called crystalline, which claims to be the finest TSER (total solar energy rejected). These tints increase visibility by reducing glare while keeping the heat out. The estimated price is between $500 and $600.