How to replace fog light bulb BMW

Sometimes when you wake up in the morning, it's really foggy outside. The sky is all white and you can't see very far. That's because of a type of weather called fog. Fog lights were designed to help people see better when it's foggy outside. They work better than regular headlights because they use a different kind of light.

How Fog Lights Work

Fog is water in the air that can make it hard to see what's around you. Fog can be near a big body of water or anywhere. If the conditions are right, there will be fog. Fog means that you can't see things and sometimes, when there's fog, your headlights won't work because they shine on the fog and it reflects off them back into your eyes.

Fog lights are a way to see when you have fog. Fog is water vapor that hangs over the ground. Some cars come with fog lights, which are low so they don't get in the way of head lights. The sharp angle at the top of a light housing lets them see without reflecting off the fog and hurting your eyes or someone else's eyes on another car. The lower you put a light, the farther it can go but not as far as headlights do. Fog lights don't just reflect light, they make other drivers more aware of your car's presence.

Which Fog Lights To Buy

If you have a car without fog lights and want them, it's quite easy. You can buy vehicle-specific kits that let you add what the factory should have given you, but not always possible. If you go with factory-installed fog lights, just know that this means your bumper will be removed and a new grille added.

Universal fog lights are another option that can be added to any car. The lights will show fog better than regular headlights. You can buy different types of lights, but the ones with glass lenses are more durable and won't break as easily.

Once you install fog lights, take a few minutes to light them on a nearby wall and adjust the beam angle. This will help you see better in foggy conditions. Remember not to drive with them on all the time, as that may be illegal in your area. If a bulb burns out, fog light bulbs are affordable and replaceable in just a few minutes.

Fog Light Bulb Replacement

I have seen some posts about changing the lights in your car to make it look better, but I want to show you how. First, take a picture of what needs to be taken off (the cover) and then take pictures of putting on the new lights. H8 35w is what you need. Do not touch the glass part of the bulb or it will get dirty. Use an alcohol wipe if that happens. You need an 8mm socket and a wrench for this project too! Make sure you turn your steering wheel as far as it goes one way before starting so that both sides are accessible.

Step 1: Locate the 3 - 8mm headed screws (circled). Undo the outer 2 and remove the screws.

Step 2: Gently prise back the arch liner, revealing the rear of the fog light.

Step 3: Unplug the black plug, by squeezing the two tabs on the short sides.

Step 4: Twist the old bulb about 60 degrees towards the outside of the car, and ease bulb out, remembering not to touch the bulb part.

Step 5: Fit new bulb in the exact reverse order. Make sure the plug clicks into place.

Step 6: Enjoy the warm colour beam.

Step 7: Put the arch liner back in place, and fit the screws.

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