How To Program A Transponder Key Without Original

What is a transponder key? This is a device built to enhance security. A transponder key consists of a chip programmed to send codes to the ignition system using radio waves when you want to turn the car on. The codes signal the system to turn the vehicle on. Without them, the vehicle that requires a transponder key will simply not turn on.

Now, what if you have lost the transponder key? Of course, it will be a hassle, but there are some ways to program a transponder key without the original, and we will walk you through them. 

We will also show you a step-by-step process of programming a Toyota transponder key without the original.

What Cars Have Transponder Keys

Almost every modern car made today is programmed with a transponder key. Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Nissan, and BMW are designed with this unique key.

Some cars have options available in different trim levels, and this feature might not be applied across the board in a brand. For example, in Nissan Titan, the transponder key is optional. So the Ford car owners should know how to program a transponder key for ford without the original.

A simple way to tell if your car has a transponder key is to check the plastic region of the key. If it's thicker than average, you probably have a transponder key. 

You can also wrap the key in foil or oil before inserting it into the switch, and if it doesn't turn on or if your car key is expensive, it means your car has a transponder key.

How To Program Transponder Key Without Original? Step By Step Process

You already know that if you have lost your key, you can open your vehicle's door with a standard car, but you cannot turn it on. If you have lost the key, the only solution is to contact your car dealer, a mechanic who can program you a new key, or DIY (program the key yourself).

The programming method of a new key without original will only work for vehicles that have a PATS1 system. The cars with PATS2 systems will need a specific programming device.

If you have a PATS1 system and have already forged a new key, you will need to enter the vehicle in programming mode and follow these steps to complete the programming.  

With these steps, you can also program transponder key ford without the original, but only if it has a PATS1 system.

 First Step

Put the key in the ignition switch, turn it ON, and keep it this way for 10 minutes and 25 seconds. Keep looking at the dashboard a security light should turn on. If it doesn't illuminate, there must be some problem with the battery. Charge or replace it.

Second Step

Take a stopwatch and count the time. The security light should stay ON for 15 minutes.

Third Step

After completing the 15 minutes, the security light should turn off. Within 3 minutes, turn the ignition OFF and turn it ON again. The security light should stay ON for another 15 minutes.

Fourth Step

Then wait for the light to turn off and within 3 minutes interval turn the ignition off before turning it ON again for the 3rd time and wait for another 15 minutes to let the security light turn OFF. This whole process will take 45 minutes, and by the end of these 45 minutes, you will get your newly programmed transponder key.