Ants in Your Car? Here’s How to Get Rid of Them

Sometimes, one or two ants are not a problem as they only search for food. They don't stay for long if they don't find anything worthwhile.

However, if they find what they're looking for, there will be an infestation that needs a solution.

Usually, parking near an anthill can be one of the common reasons for ants creeping into the car.

Loading some baggage or parcel that already had an ants’ infestation can also be the reason why ants enter one's car.

How to Get Rid of Ants in a Car

One can try many ways to make one's car ant-free, but it is desirable to go for a less harmful procedure first.

  • Move the Vehicle

If there happened to be an anthill near the car, then simply moving it somewhere could be a catch. But make sure to park it somewhere far from the previous parking space as ants could find the car again if they could track their pheromones.

  • Thoroughly Clean Inside the Vehicle

Cleaning the car with a good interior detailing product might be the second cure one could go for. Sometimes, even sticky or sugary candy wrappers can attract ants. So, dispose of everything which can be considered trash. After picking out everything, vacuum the entire vehicle and don't leave any cracks, crevices, or even the trunk. This would spare the risk of any crumbs that could catch ants' attention. Then wipe off the entire interior surface with wet tissues to clean any unnoticed sugary spot.

  • Thoroughly Clean the Vehicle’s Exterior

Since the only points of interaction between the car and the ground are the tires in any normal situation, clean them rigorously. Also, one might want to apply any quality ant-repellent to the tires to avoid an ant invasion.

Then, wash the entire car’s exterior with great care and lay particular focus on the engine bay, wheel wells, and underside. Consider using quality ceramic coatings, waxes, and protectant sprays for extra protection and cleanliness.

  • Try Commercial Ant Killers

Ant Bait: If the remedies above don't work, go for trying ant bait stations under the seats. These can kill an entire anthill in no time. But be safe and keep them away from children or pets.

Aerosol Insecticide: Insecticide sprays can be effective as they kill ants immediately. But they don't repel ants, and their fumes may also be dangerous to one's respiratory system, so it's not a very good choice overall.

Ant Fogger: One effective ant-repellents might be ant fogger chemicals. These chemicals kill ants instantly and prevent them from coming closer to the car for several months. But they can also be harmful to one's health because chemicals last longer, so properly ventilate the vehicle after using them.

  • Explore Alternative Natural Solutions

To avoid commercial chemicals, one can always go for natural remedies. So, try giving these a shot too.

Borax: Using a liquidy paste with borax and sugar can be an effective natural remedy against ants.

Cinnamon or Mint: Ants despise the smell of cinnamon or mint. So, a sprinkling of either option can kill or at least repel ants. 

Vinegar: A spray of 50/50 vinegar-water solution can repel ants and remove their pheromone trails.

Chalk: Ants also hate chalk, so lining tires at the parking spot might repel them.

So, these are some effective remedies that can help one remove ants from one's vehicles.