A Guide to Honda Aftermarket Kits and Parts

If you're in need of an accessory or replacement part for your car, have no fear. You should be able to find what you're looking for without much issue.

Honda is one of the top-selling automotive brands and its vehicles are popular among many drivers. The company offers a wide range of aftermarket accessories and replacement parts for its models, which include the Honda CR-V, Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Honda Pilot and Honda Odyssey.

As a reference, an aftermarket part is “any part for a vehicle that is not sourced from the car’s maker,” as explained by Edmunds, an resource in the automotive industry. Likely, much of the aftermarket activity involving Honda vehicles consists of people buying parts to accessorize or upgrade their cars. Because Hondas are famous for being reliable, replacement parts aren't needed as frequently.

However, if you do need a replacement part for your Honda, there are plenty of online vendors who will fulfill your order. And the number of traditional auto parts stores is increasing all the time. Plus, your local automobile junkyard can be a surprisingly good source for common aftermarket parts.

According to a recent article published in Car & Driver, the top-selling aftermarket accessories for Honda vehicles are moonroof visors, underbody spoilers, fog lights, car covers, all-season weather mats, interior lighting accessories, window deflectors and LED tail lights.

Amazon has become one of the leading automotive parts retailers in the world and is now the largest online company for auto parts. However, there are many other great options to buy from that partner with Amazon (so you can order and receive products more easily). Just be aware that since COVID started, delivery times have been delayed due to chronic supply disruptions.

Here are the top 30 sources for Honda aftermarket parts, according to VEHQ.com, a popular automotive and RVing blog. You can also purchase genuine Honda accessories and parts directly from your local dealer using Honda's online eStore. Do your research on the part(s) you need before making any decisions and be familiar with installation tools and websites you plan to use.

Many people worry that if they use aftermarket parts on their Honda, it could void the warranty. However, this is usually not true. A dealer can only void your warranty if they can show that an aftermarket part caused a problem or led to another component failure. Installing after market products by themselves will not cause your warranty to be voided in most circumstances.