5 Causes of Oil Leaking into Spark Plug Wells

Spark plugs are among the main components of any vehicle, as they are responsible for generating the spark to ignite fuel and air mixture into the vehicle’s internal combustion chamber. To keep the engine components running, it is essential to lubricate them, and if there isn't a good supply of oil, the engine can overheat.

However, you would never want oil in the spark plug well. If this happens, you may face a massive problem with the engine's functionality and performance. Therefore, you need to investigate the causes of oil leaking into spark plug holes. As it is not normal, you will have to fix it as soon as possible.

Main reasons for oil leakage into the spark plug wells

When you discover oil leakage into the spark plug wells, then you need to dive into the reason for this. The following are some of the most common reasons for oil in the spark plug wells.

  • A leaky O-Ring seal

Although you will not find the spark plugs having gaskets, they use O-rings. These are important to keep the oil and other things on the side of the spark plugs to keep them dry. If there is oil in the spark plug well, it may be because of a leaking O-ring seal. Although this could be one of the outcomes, it is better to address the issue as quickly as possible.

  • A blown head gasket

Most people associate coolant in the compression chamber with a blown head gasket, but another fluid that might be leaking is oil. It is pretty common for the oil to get into the combustion chamber. If there is excessive smoke, then there is a possibility that you may have on the tip of the spark plugs.

  • Leakage in valve cover gasket

The vehicles use the valve cover gaskets to keep the oil near those components that need it and away from those that don't need it. Spark plugs are among the elements that it keeps grease away from, and if you find the valve cover gasket leaking, then the oil can seep into the spark plug wells.

  • Having damaged piston compression rings

There are compression rings around each piston in the engine, which helps keep the oil from seeping into the combustion chamber. When the compression rings get damaged, nothing can keep the oil from entering the combustion chamber. Therefore, if you find damaged compression rings, you need to repair them as soon as possible.

  • A damaged piston

Although we don't see damaged pistons that often, it is still possible that the combustion chambers can get hot as the pistons age; if you have a cracked piston, then there is a chance that you may find oil in the spark plug wells, and this can destroy your engine. Therefore, damaged pistons are an issue that can’t be ignored.

Final Words

Although it is possible to drive your vehicle if you have oil in the spark plug well, you need to figure out how the oil goes there. It is worth noting that having oil in the spark plug hole is not a normal condition, and it can be an indication of a much more severe problem that you can face. The oil in the spark plugs may not be an issue, but how it got there can indeed damage your engine.