5 Best Speedometer Apps For Android And iPhone

Every car has a speedometer on its dashboard to measure car's speed. Speedometer has significant importance and can protect you and others from potential dangers by gauging your speed. 

If your car's speedometer does not work correctly or you do not like the display on the dashboard, worry not because there are apps on iPhone and Android that can effectively gauge the speed of your vehicle by utilizing the GPS.

These apps are also great for people who love to run or jog and want to monitor their rate. In addition to the speed measuring, these apps have many other features, and last but not least, many of these apps are free. We have made a list of the best free speedometer apps to save your time. Let's check it out.

Ulysse Speedometer

This is one of the best free speedometer apps for Android that has a plethora of other exciting features. It shows direction, battery charge, time, and speed in digital and analog formats. There is an option to set different walking, running, driving, and skiing profiles. 

The app stores data of your traveling every day, and you can even check them by month. The app will warn you if you cross the speed limit with a unique sound. You can also check the distance traveled, idling periods, average speed, and more.

 GPS HUD Speedometer

GPS HUD Speedometer is a top-rated app to measure speed. The user needs a stable GPS connection for this app to work. In addition to being a speedometer, the app also works as a trip computer; it can tell you the miles you have covered, average speed, and many other things. 

The app offers a head-up display, and it also has an inbuilt map and can show you the best or fastest route with the help of GPS.

GPS Speedometer and Odometer

GPS Speedometer and Odometer is another top-notch speedometer app for the drivers to measure the speed of their cars or bikes. The app is more than 98% accurate and can be used offline. The app can show you average speed, max speed, distance traveled, and trip time using the GPS. 

SpeedView: GPS Speedometer

SpeedView is another free GPS-based speedometer app for drivers. The app is accurate, and on exceeding the limit, it informs the user. The app also allows you to set the speed limit, and the background has an analog feel. You can also check your travel history. The app supports different units like miles, nautical miles, and kilometers.

SpeedGlow Speedometer

This is one of the best iPhone speedometer apps. It glows at night, so this app will do the trick if your car's speedometer does not illuminate. If you set the phone in your dashboard, the app will reflect your speed on the windshield. You can customize the app because there are five color variants.

There is also the option to set the speed limit, and crossing the boundary will play an alarm. It can be installed on your iPhone and iPad and works fine on iOS 8 and above. It will occupy 1.3 megabytes of space.