10 Best Auto Parts Retailers

Car repairs and finding replacement parts are a nightmare for any car owner. What you put in your car matters a lot, and a low-quality or incompatible component can also bring down the well-being of other parts. For this reason, it is essential to choose from nothing but the best. 

Below is our list of ten auto part retailers that check all the reliability, strength, and performance boxes.

 1. Amazon

There’s no doubt that Amazon is your best bet when looking for variety. Like any other industry, it also dominates the online marketplace for Auto Parts. You don’t only get the diverse variety from thousands of brands but also the peace of mind that comes with its plethora of customer reviews. Its same-day delivery and generous return policies make trying out a new brand and product perfectly risk-free. 

2. eBay

eBay is a much cheaper option when looking for high-quality products that will be too expensive to buy brand new. It’s the go-to for every person who wants to sell their used items. With good research and some due diligence, you are sure to find a great deal that saves you hundreds of dollars from a brand new purchase. 

3. Advance Auto Parts

If you are a sports or cars enthusiast, you have probably heard about the brand many times. Advanced Auto Parts has provided high-quality, affordable auto parts since 1932 and has more than 5000 stores. Compared to eBay and Amazon, you will be able to find a much cheaper collection that is perfect for both individual and heavy-duty needs. 

4. AutoZone

AutoZone is often recommended by experts and car technicians due to its higher performance and quality. It should be your go-to brand when you can’t compromise the precision and strength of your auto parts. With its knowledgeable staff and customer support, you can get assistance on what features are perfect for your vehicle’s needs. Even better, they offer a rental facility to borrow things for the period you need and not spend too much on a short-term market. 

5. O’Reilly Auto Parts

O’Reilly Auto Parts stands out due to its premium yet affordable products. Whether your needs are heavy-duty or straightforward, you will find thousands of auto parts at a lower price. It also offers incredible customer support to all its customers, including a knowledgeable guidance manual for a safer and more informed purchase.

6. NAPA Auto Parts

As one of the oldest in the industry, NAPA Auto Parts also offers the most extensive collection. Whether you are an expert technician or just a newbie, you can find all the auto parts you’ll ever need. Matching the new features to your OEM requirements can be a stressful task; NAPA has a massive collection of auto parts that are also widely endorsed by most car manufacturers. 

7. CARiD

CARiD has quickly grown in popularity due to the superior strength and quality its products offer. More and more car owners and technicians prefer the store for its affordable pricing that doesn’t compromise the quality of auto parts. 

8. 1A Auto

While not as fast as the more prominent brands, you will find the more discreet products here. They have a wide selection of auto parts that are thoughtfully curated to fulfill the specific needs of car owners. If you find a great product, make sure to purchase in time as the orders can take between 3-5 days to deliver. 

9. CarParts.com

CarParts.com can also be called the eBay of Auto Parts. They will be able to find used parts at discounted rates. It takes away the uncertainty of buying from unknown sellers on eBay. You can also have your order returned without hassle. 

10. Parts Geek

It’s a highly reliable brand with quick deliveries and generous return policies. Like CarParts, Parts Geek also offers a diverse selection of old or discontinued auto parts at discounted prices.