What is Gran Turismo Project

This is what we do.

We are an automotive blog that helps mechanics and car users to find the most recent and accurate technical and repair information for their cars.

Why is the name of the website so weird? I used to play a lot of Gran Turismo because I loved the car mods inside the game. So instead of registering another generic domain, I decided to pay tribute to my passions - cars and games.

We have written numerous posts on how to fix vehicle problems.

We are not associated with any manufacturer, distributor, dealer, or mechanic. We have no relationship with them and do not represent or speak for them. It is our goal in writing these posts to provide accurate information in a way that users will find useful in repairing their cars themselves. We aim to be the ultimate guide for car owners on how to fix their cars.

We try to be honest in our reviews of various types of car parts, tools, and equipment. We only review products we have used or had some experience with and we refer users to more reputable sites where they can purchase these items if we recommend them on this site.

We have written many posts on how to fix various car problems. We are not responsible for the accuracy of this information. Please use this information at your own risk.

Please be sure to check out our other posts for more tips and tricks on car repair and maintenance.

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